What is SSL certificate?

What is SSL Certificate? What Does It Do?

After the technology started to develop, the internet and websites started to take more place in our lives. As the application and transactions on the websites differ, SSL certificate has become a necessity to make the data traffic more secure. After performing some processes and having this certificate, you can integrate this innovation into your website. sekurigi

SSL Certificate

What is the SSL certificate that checks if the site addresses are correct and how is it installed? The product that enables the data communication between any two points to be transmitted more securely by making it over the encrypted channel is called SSL, or Secure Layer certificate. SSL, malla espaldera which ensures that the information sent to any server using an SSL certificate is encrypted, provides access to data only by entering the correct password with this encryption.

When commercial activities are carried out via computer or the Internet, SSL, which determines the information of the institution providing online services, acts as an electronic password. In this way, when internet users want to send confidential information to the web server, this certificate activates and ensures a secure connection.

Version 3.0 of this security protocol was released in 1996 and it became a standard security method supported by all internet browsers. In this way, the field of application has also become very wide.

Any information sent with the SSL method can only be deciphered at the correct address. The information is first encrypted and after it is sent, this information can be accessed by the right user. Afterwards, the here confidentiality of the information is protected in the best way by verifying both the sender and the receiving side. The following is clear information about the use of such a comprehensive SSL certificate. Before using the SSL security method, you can understand how useful this method is by reviewing this information.