If you enjoy shopping in the cities you travel to, I can guarantee that you will be overwhelmed by the wonderful opportunities that you will come across during your Munich holiday. metro-montreal

For someone who has never been to the city before, this sentence may sound very ambitious. However, experienced travelers who have shopped in the stores of famous fashion brands, colorful street markets and shopping malls with different architectures in Munich will easily understand what I mean. 200iso

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The capital of Bavaria resembles a paradise in terms of gastronomic terms. Therefore, chocolate and beer varieties attract great attention from travelers who seek to taste different flavors. I might even include mustard in this list.

If you are only going to turn to this type of products to pamper yourself and your loved ones, I recommend that you use your right of choice in favor of chocolate varieties. word-press Because mustard and beer can cause problems at the airport. Of course, you can easily fill this gap with beer mugs, Bavarian porcelain, hats and Oktoberfest costumes.

You can easily find all the products I mentioned in most shopping areas of the city. However, in terms of local tastes, Viktualienmarkt, Elisabethmarkt and Auer Dult are one step ahead. In terms of clothing, you can choose the stores listed on Maximilianstrasse, Fraunenstrasse and Sendlingerstrasse. labastide-saint-pierre

The handicraft-focused shops in Luitpoldbloc offer shopaholics beautiful options. Famous for its glass roof and decorations, Kaufingertor has a very satisfactory profile in terms of brand diversity. Stachus Passagen is home to some of the city’s popular boutiques. heavy news

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Details about all the places I gave brief information about in the Munich travel guide and important tips that may be useful for you are waiting for you under the title of “Munich Shopping Guide” What I love most about Munich is the variety it offers to its guests in terms of activities that can be done. In particular, the fact that the activities can be personalized is the most important difference between it and other German cities. web-directory

However, before moving on to the options that will give you different experiences, I will start with a classic, namely the clock show at Marienplatz. creation-logo

This show, which makes the New Town Hall the center of attention, is held every day at 11:00, 12:00 and 17:00. Of course, if you coincide your visit to the square in November, you can have the privilege of spending time at the city’s best Christmas Market.websiteseo audi toulouse
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Thematic walking tours are one of the activities you can do to get to know the history and culture of Munich.

Depending on your vacation period II. You can follow a route that you set by adhering to the themes such as World War II, the Holocaust, beer tasting. Even if you can’t find the motivation to take a trip like this in a city where you are traveling for the first time, never be upset. If you wish, you can join guided tours such as Mystical Munich: Legends of the Old Town Tour or the Second World War Tour. blur

Although it may not be obvious, never forget that Munich is a city of museums. The Bavarian National, Lenbachhaus and Pinakothek der Moderne museums draw attention with their exquisite collections.

The BMW Museum and the Deutsches Museum attract great attention from technology enthusiasts. Alte Pinakothek and Neue Pinakothek present valuable works of art to art lovers. seo-consult

If you intend to spend a few hours resting after an active day, you can change your route to the English Garden with peace of mind. The green area is also famous for its pubs.

While on holiday in the heart of Bavaria, you can spend some of your time exploring the rich culinary culture and the beauties waiting for you in the countryside. justin-timberlake chateausaintlouis

If you are into gastronomy, you can join Munich’s Breweries Tour or go directly to the Hofbrauhaus and taste the specialties of the region.

Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Castles Tour from Munich is quite ideal to get to know the natural beauties hidden in Bavaria closely. defisconseil

When it comes to activities, I think that Oktoberfest should not be missed. Because the festival is the perfect place for those who want to learn in-depth about the local culture. If you do not want to miss the opportunity to participate in the events held within the scope of the festival, you can sign up for the Oktoberfest Tour with Reservation. blague-courte

Tour Reservations: The many activities that can be done during the Munich holiday can make travelers have a sweet rush about time management. To overcome this, you can take tours through Getyourgudie and find the opportunity to focus on the aspects that make the city unique without worrying about time management. abripiscines

If you are wondering about the tips about the activity options I have explained in the Munich travel guide, you can take a look at our article titled “What to do in Munich


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